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How it Works

1. No need for a new FLK VocalPost account, just use your Facebook or Twitter account for registration.

2. Record your own audio message up to 30 seconds long. Review your message using VocalPost message player before posting it.

3. The optional caption is 100 characters long and will be posted on your page with your VocalPost audio message.

4. Select optional geo-location information to post your VocalPost message.

5. Manage your VocalPost message history and easy-to-use message player on your mobile.

How it Works

A combination of proprietary and proven techniques are used in FLK MediaSpeed to maximize bandwidth efficiency and improve response times:

  • Image transcoding and resizing optimize image for specific device and reduce file size before transmission
  • Media transcoding converts and resizes video output quality to meet each mobile device’s specifications
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation reduces transmission rate according to current bandwidth availability
  • File and data compression reduces transmission bandwidth
  • Just-in-time transmission technology prevents wasted transmission of unviewed content
  • Data cache and pre-fetching for reduced response times
  • HTTP Pipelining using multiple sockets to improve webpage load times
  • DNS Cache reduces DNS request time for frequently visited domains/websites

How it Works

1. Integrate AR into your existing map, local search, product search, business directories, or other custom solution.

2. Our SDK and API set enable you to integrate FLK SuperView into your application as an added feature or enhancement. (Or let us help you create an application with AR from the ground up.)

3. For images, landmarks, products, and things that are unique to your business and your surroundings, you can add custom objects to the database.

4. Simply by pointing their camera, customers can get answers to an assortment of questions: What’s that? How much does it cost? What’s nearby? Where can I eat? How do I find the closest…?

How it Works

  • OmniSend SMS C/G
    Messages (max. 160 bytes) are sent and received using the Store & Forward function to ensure reliability and network efficiency. The Gateway uses SMS Push technology to manage messages among multiple networks and provides reporting for the Content Provider to review message delivery. For both OmniSend SMS services, messages are managed throughout the process in mobile and Internet networks.
  • OmniSend MMS C/G
    Our MMS C/G can handle any type of multimedia across any type of network. Our services include trans-coding, screening, compressing, and packaging functions to ensure the highest quality delivery. The MMS Gateway includes message transmission, storage, traffic and spam management and re-transmission functions along with billing and reporting capabilities to offer a comprehensive MMS solution.
  • OmniSend Voice & Video SMS
    Customers simply record either a voice or video message using their phone’s voice or video-call functions and the message is sent as a voice or video call using the efficient Store & Forward push-delivery method. Users can also add background music and send messages to individuals or groups’ mobile or email. All messages are managed with the OmniSend Voice & Video SMS to ensure timely delivery and a good experience for the message receiver.

How it Works

1. From multiple sources and formats, aggregates content into easy browsing categories and searchable inventories. Handles content such as text, graphics, images and even video.

2. Handles superior search and discovery functions so consumers can find and buy the books and the topics they seek.

3. Manages digital rights, payment transactions and clearing, and access authentication. The Digital Asset Management package also handles administration, reporting and workflow.

4. Manages entire fulfillment process from purchase and payment to downloading content via wired Web, or over-the-air to a mobile or eBook reader device.

5. Enables easy management of each customer’s eBook library. Supports custom viewing for font size and color and spacing. Highlight and search works well within eBook content or extended to the Internet to give customers a 360-degree view of topics.

How it Works

1. Service provider receives request to convert file (or live media) to real-time multimedia content

2. FLK TransCode converts and encodes the content for mobile and Internet delivery and playback

3. FLK TransCode interconnects with customer's existing contents management system (CMS) for contents transcoding and converting, and it delivers the contents through streaming server, or

4. If content is live, the FLK LiveCODEC is used to stream the content with optimized quality and adaptive speed

5. End user can play the content live, or enjoy converted content at any time

How it Works

1. Supports contents provider (CP) and storefront interfaces, easy to administer and intuitive for all users

2. Handles backend content registration, approval, and publishing interface with CPs

3. Manages content inventory for a wide range of content and media types (games, video, broadcast, ringtones, etc.) for presentation in mobile and web formats

4. Includes full retail functions such as Search, Browsing, Requests and Gifting for more ways to discover and purchase content

5. Enables easy purchase and download of content via mobile or Web storefront

6. Easy to interoperate with backend billing and settlement process and reporting systems

MMS Delivery

1. A company or merchant visits the FLK MobileCoupon Dashboard to select an MMS coupon template from the catalog of well-designed options.

2. Coupons are customizable for offer, logo and branding so the coupon goes to customers with a consistent company voice and style.

3. Subscribers sign up with their mobile operator or FLK MobileCoupon to receive LBS offers for certain types of merchants.

4. When a subscriber is in the vicinity of the merchant’s location, they will receive the MMS coupon directly to their phone.

5. The recipient simply opens the message and then saves the coupon to their phone.

6. Upon saving the coupon, the recipient’s demographic information can be gathered.

7. If available, the recipient can also launch an AR app (see below) via QR code or other promotion to learn more about the merchant, e.g. look at a menu, and then decide to redeem.

8. Once at the store, customer uses the promotion code to redeem the coupon (via bar code, QR code or secret code).

Augmented Reality Delivery

1. Coupons for promotion campaign are designed by the merchant in the FLK MobileCoupon Dashboard using customizable templates.

2. Mobile app goes into market and is available via social networks, QR code at participating merchants, app stores, etc. People become FLK MobileCoupon subscribers by downloading the AR app.

3. Subscriber launches app which starts up LBS. GPS data is sent to the FLK servers which matches the location and mobile user with their likely points-of-interest (POI) in the area (stores, restaurants, etc.). These locations then pop up on the mobile screen as a bubble indicating that there is a deal available.

4. User clicks on the location bubble to either open the coupon or approve receiving an MMS with the coupon. Recipient can also use their AR app to learn more about the merchant, e.g. look at a menu, and then decide to redeem.

5. Once at the merchant, customer uses the promotion code to redeem the coupon (via bar code, QR code or secret code).

How it Works

FLK ScreenShifter captures screen content requested by the user, encodes it in real time, and transmits the results to the user’s client (TV). This flexible method means it is easy to adapt content menus without having to apply changes to the client. Here are a few scenarios:

Web Browsing
1. User turns on TV and accesses your smart TV menu to select Web
2. Cooliris™ software runs in FLK ScreenShifter servers and on TV to enhance visuals
3. User browses Web using smart phone as “mouse”

Entertainment Multimedia
1. User turns on TV to access multimedia menu for movie or Internet video listings
2. FLK ScreenShifter servers stream movie content and send to TV
3. User enjoys high quality movie and control playback via smart phone

PC-based Gaming
1. User turns on TV to access multimedia menu for game listings
2. Game runs on FLK ScreenShifter servers while being played seamlessly on TV
3. User can control game via mobile phone by downloading an app, for example a user can play a racing game that employs the accelerometer in a smart phone

Features & Benefits

  • Offer your customers a smart TV service without cost and complication of hardware
  • Reduce the gap between TV and PC with this cloud-based n Screen service
  • Transmissions via wired (TV or set-top box) and wireless (mobile device) Internet
  • Supports service providers register menu/service and offer them
  • Easy for service or content provider to establish menu/service screen

Features & Benefits

  • Post to Facebook & Twitter at once
  • Faster than typing
  • All the expression of audio and voice
  • Captures and shares the audio moment
  • Use while driving, walking and moving
  • Instantly record and share

Features & Benefits

  • Increases user capacity for given bandwidth
  • Improves response times to the mobile device
  • Supports more and richer content delivered to the mobile user
  • Supports more users, more throughput within given network capacity constraints

Supported Formats & Codecs

  • Popular formats for Web and mobile devices for video (.skm, .3gp, .3g2, .k3g, .avi) and audio (.amr, .skm, .qcp, .evrc)
  • Encode for transmission and decode for playback using these codecs for video (H.263, H.264, MPEG-4) and audio (AAC, AMR, QCELP, EVRC)
  • Supports common image files: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, WBMP

Features & Benefits

  • Instantly provides accurate Web results from camera image
  • Works for both rigid items like a book, and non-rigid items like a bag of snacks
  • Recognizes object even with shifts in scale, rotation or perspective
  • Quickly delivers accurate, consistent results

Features & Benefits

  • All OmniSend Messaging services maximize available network resources to ensure high quality
  • Services evolve and adapt to new technologies, network platforms and multimedia file types
  • Scalable and reliable for even the most high volume messaging needs
  • Delivers a great customer experience with reliable messaging services that give your customers more options
  • Supported by expert staff and proven technology with over a decade of experience in mobile and Internet messaging systems
  • Optional implementation of complete OmniSend Messaging solution or individual messaging services

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly join the market for eBooks with a comprehensive solution from a proven provider
  • Earn revenues from sales of content with minimal overhead costs
  • Content management functions include metadata storage, metadata modify, authoring, conversion, DRM, streaming and download
  • Future-proof features build in links to Internet for deeper search, interactive communication and augmented reality functions
  • Supports multiple formats: e-Pub, PDF, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, BMP, MP3
  • Supports multiple platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a reliable end-to-end content management solution
  • Keep inventory fresh with easy administration of CP process
  • Enables search, request, gift and download
  • Content and Menu Management including Warp Menu navigation
  • Statistical reporting function
  • Supports WML and xHTML
  • Customer Care function

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to implement and scale
  • Supports SIP for interworking with IMS and all-IP environment
  • Converts SKM, 3GPP, 3GPP2, MP4
  • Video: H.263, MPEG-4 (simple profile), H.264
  • Audio: AAC, MP3, WAV
  • Speech: AMR (narrow band), EVRC, QCELP 13K, G.711, G.723
  • FLK LiveCODEC available as stand-alone package offering

Features & Benefits

  • Merchants can quickly add mobile marketing to their marketing mix without any development or hardware costs
  • Option to deliver coupons via MMS message or AR mobile app – depending on what will best suit your customer base
  • Use the simple FLK MobileCoupon Dashboard to customize coupon design and to test different offers easily
  • Integrate coupon service with your social networking efforts, loyalty programs, advertising campaigns, local events, big sales, and holidays
  • Extend an ad campaign or promotion with easy mobile app game that rewards users with coupons
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