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FLK’s “Augmented Reality” Seen by Market as a Killer Smartphone Technology

Mar 23, 2010

Hana Daetoo Securities, of Korea Largest Security Ltd., predicts that Augmented Reality (AR) will be a Smart Phone Killer Application and forecasts that FLK will be a big player in the development and success of AR technology. Hwang Se Hwan from Hana Daetoo said, “Korea Telecom (KT) already has launched several iPhone Apps using AR technology, such as arPharm (Locating Pharmacies), iNeedCoffee (Locating Coffee Places), and AroundMe. SK Telecom has started AR-based service ‘OVJET’ on the Android Platform,” and he mentioned, ”the market for Augment Reality has started, as more devices are capable of using AR, and more applications become available, then their popularity will grow.” According to Hana Daetoo, AR (Augmented Reality) is, if literally translated, data-enhanced reality and a hidden piece of physical world, as distinguished from the virtual environment. AR applications initially focus on AR apps for location-based services, although it can be utilized in many other fields, lifestyle and healthcare, education and reference; multimedia and entertainment; social networking and advertising. Hana Daetoo predicts that FLK would be the leading financial beneficiary on KOSDAQ for AR technology, as AR markets grow. Hwang said “AR services in Korea are mostly location-based services and at present the quotation, “AR = LBS”, is regarded as natural. However, the necessary technologies for implementing AR service are tracking and image matching technology. The vendor with those technologies will have long-term competitiveness in AR market.” Hwang predicts, “FLK is a solution company, and continues to grow with double-digit annual growth each year. This year, the demand for SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is steadily increasing. FLK’s sales revenue and operating profit will be increased by 7.2% and 18.2%, respectively, compared to last year with new business area such as U-City business, e-book and AR-related services. [Reported in: Money Today, Kim Dong ha]