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FLK In-Home Display Exhibition at Cheju SmartGrid Week

Nov 23, 2010

FLK Smart Grid Exhibit On November 8th, “Korea Smart Grid Week” kicked off in Cheju Pheonix Island. At the exhibition, FLK’s presented its In Home Display (IHD) with its innovative, effective features. FLK’s IHD in the Home Network is responsible for Energy Information Display. Users can check energy consumption within the home and manage various home appliances for tasks such as on/off control. The main features of IHD are listed below. Status of energy consumption: Usage Views (Solar Energy, Electric car energy, electricity, etc.) Charging information: Solar, Electric vehicle, etc. Electricity Sales: Electricity charged by solar power reselling Equipment/Lighting control: Controls over smart-socket-mounted electrical appliances Electricity bills Currently, 7-inch IHD is manufactured and supplied. The 2.5-inch IHD can be made by request.