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Telkomsel Launches M-Coupons Powered by FLK MobileCoupon™

Nov 16, 2010

This month, leading Indonesian operator Telkomsel launched a new service MCoupon, powered by the FLK MobileCoupon™ platform. This service provides a flexible solution for advertisers and merchants to promote their products through an electronic coupon in the form of an image in MMS. By using MCoupon services, advertisers have a lower-cost alternative to distributing physical coupons manually or through newspaper buys. Simply by sending an MMS, the coupon will be sent directly and personally to the customers targeted.

Telkomsel & FLK Executives Sign Agreement

Coupon customers can use to buy a product at a discounted price in accordance with the value stated on the coupon. This service enables customers who want to redeem a coupon, in which the coupon has been stored on the phones so that customers do not need to bring a coupon in the form of card or paper. The merchant can either scan the coupon bar code from the customer’s phone using their POS scanner, or enter the coupon code manually for the discount.

Providing the technology for the Telkomsel service is FEELingK (FLK). FLK is already serving a 40% share of the Korean mobile coupon market with this product. FLK MobileCoupon has two ways to deliver coupons: via MMS to the mobile or via Augmented Reality (AR) mobile apps that consumers launch for location-based rewards. Using either the MMS or AR delivery modes, merchants can offer consumers coupon discounts, gift certificates, sales vouchers, or tickets to events. Coupons are created online from the FLK MobileCoupon Dashboard where there are hundreds of customizable templates to choose from. The templates allow users to customize the coupons with their own brand and promotional messages.

FLK’s MobileCoupon service is an easy way for operators and their partners to add mobile and location-based marketing to their promotional mix. Mobile coupons can be used for many types of promotions, both for loyal customers to encourage and reward repeat business and to attract new customers or nearby potential customers.

Currently Telkomsel MCoupon will be used by advertisers in Jakarta. In the near future, Telkomsel will develop the service to be used in other large Indonesian cities, such as: Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan and Makassar.