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Focusing on a Home-Grown Solution for Cloud Computing

Feb 25, 2011

Cloud Computing is a hot topic in the technology services world these days. Yoo Young Soo, Director of the R&D Center for Internet and Wireless technology company FLK explained, “Cloud computing in the future will see the issues of the “anywhere” screen (N-screen) and Web 3.0. To meet this emerging need, FLK has been developing portals, transport infrastructures and application solutions for a variety of technologies in the wireless and Internet-based infrastructure.” “FLK focuses on technology that gives value to users by combining multiple devices, such as multiple screens. We will be announcing solutions for IPTV and specialized Smartphone services in the near future”. FLK is a leading global wireless internet solution company that manages carrier’s wireless data access systems and messaging systems. Primarily performing B2B business, FLK was also involved in Kyobo E-book business and mobile hub system that intermediately distributes Short Messaging Services (SMS). FLK also previously developed the SKT Multimedia Service “June” and “mPlayon” for feature phones. As for B2C services, FLK developed the “mToast” service that enables users to create Multimedia Messages (MMS) easily from a web page. In recent years, the company extended its business area into a variety of fields such as U-City, smart grid and building energy systems. The company has been involved with the burgeoning field of cloud-computing since 2009. FLK, listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation), is well-known in the cloud-computing business. The company expanded business into clould-computing area based on its wireless internet infrastructure. In 2009, FLK was responsible for building a cloud-computing-based wireless internet platform for SKT through a cooperative project with IBM. Last year, FLK was involved in the ‘Cloud Service Testbed Project’ sponsored by the Korea Communications Commission and the Korea Association of cloud services. Yoo said “The FLK R&D Center currently researches and develops the core technologies for augmented reality and multimedia. The addition of cloud-computing to the mix should produce some very interesting and exciting products and services. Specifically, FLK plans to focus more on two cloud-computing related services this year.” “One builds a cloud-computing platform on Open Storage System (OSS) in cooperation with Korea Telecom (KT). The other is related to mobile clouding computing.” Yoo continued, “Currently we are developing N-screen-based technology for use across multiple devices, such as TV, smart phone, and tablet PC as well as planning new services in conjunction with this technology.” For example, a Smart TV that installed only a browser has to absorb content spread on the internet to evolve. So, the investment on devices and platform should be preceded to accomplish. FLK has developed a streaming game platform to facilitate transferring movies or PC games from Virtual Desktop (VDI) environment into other types of devices, like a big-screen TV. Cloud-computing enables the set-top box to be a seamless multimedia service provider for low-end devices. “We are ready for the public cloud to evolve and then a lot of interesting business areas will open up for FLK. We will target our new services to the overseas market,” Yoo said. [Reported in: DigitalDaily, Baek Ji Young]