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FLK Earns Five Years Dedicated Development for Kyobo E-book System

Apr 01, 2011

- This month, FLK signed a partnership agreement with South Korea’s largest book retailer, Kyobo Books on March 31, 2011. With this agreement, FLK will be the sole developer for the leading Kyobo E-book system through 2015. With the partnership, FLK will continue to share sales revenues of the E-Book business with Kyobo. FLK has developed Kyobo apps for both Android and iOS platforms and is expected to generate new revenue through this partnership model. Based on current trends, Kyobo Books is anticipated to continue to have success with its fast, reliable E-book system. Lee Sang Yul, FeelingK CEO, explained, “As a preparation for the rapidly changing digital content market, this partnership will be the basis of mutual cooperation where content and solutions providers coexist.” [Reported in: Edaily, Hwang Jung Sun]