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Introducing FLK Ad Alive, Tablet PC Advertising Platform

Jul 07, 2011

FLK opened its Tablet PC advertising platform ‘Ad Alive’ to the press at seminar held in Coex Conference room, co-sponsored by KT mHows, on July 6.

KT mHows said, “Ad Alive makes it possible to provide a new type of advertising technology and business by fully utilizing a new digital media of tablet PC devices, and it differentiates new media based advertising environment from existing ones in IT environment. Ad Alive will also bring lots of changes in traditional print media advertising market.”

In addition to existing banner type of simple and static advertising exposure with links to advertisers, Ad Alive delivers highly interactive and live effects on advertising space. For example, newly released automobile runs actively on the road, cups of delicious hot coffee steams smoothly on surface, and these are why traditional print media industries, such as newspapers and magazines, are highly interested in.

Kyu-Sung Kim, CEO of KT mHows, said, “It’s been almost a year of hard research and development to release Ad Alive platform, and I am absolutely sure that FLK Ad Alive platform is a true winner of new media advertising with our past and present bridged in one powerful advertising platform.”

Sang-Yeol Lee, CEO of FLK, said, “Ad Alive will be an opportunity for innovation on mobile advertising paradigm, by bringing various mobile application development technologies and mobile environment into advertising realm. FLK keeps moving forward to enhance Ad Alive platform for actual consumer purchases through advertising and cloud computing based mobile advertising ecosystem.”