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FLK Seeks Messaging Service Business in Indonesia

Dec 20, 2012

Wireless internet solution company FEELingK (CEO-Sang Yeol Lee), also known as FLK, recently entered the messaging service business in Indonesia. According to FLK it will enter the Indonesian messaging market with the fourth largest mobile operator PT.AXIS along with a major Indonesian bank, Bank BII. PT.AXIS is the fourth largest local mobile carrier and serves approximately 17 million subscribers. The company was established by a state-owned enterprise and the largest mobile communication operator in Saudi Arabia with Maxis Communication. FLK will provide MMS services to PT.AXIS subscribers and will deliver SMS service for BII bank credit card users relating to their credit card usage. According to the FLK representative, “Providing MMS service to 17 million PT.AXIS subscribers should guarantee significant business opportunities” and “maximize the return by expanding MMS value-added service in the future.” Refer here for the Korean announcement.