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About Us

Founded at the dawn of this century in Seoul, South Korea, FEELingK (FLK) has spent the last twelve years providing innovative technology, infrastructure and services to operator and enterprise clients across Asia and Americas. Today at FLK, we are turning our sights to the global landscape for mobile, social and converged technology. Our goal is to make it more efficient, profitable and easy for operators and consumers around the world to simply connect.

For the last decade, FLK has focused our services in the world’s mobile Mecca, eastern Asia. In 2010, we opened our North American headquarters near the mobile, hi-tech hub of Seattle. We have launched several new products and services that are now available to operators and enterprises throughout the Americas and Europe. As the mobile industry evolves, the former gap between usage in Asia, Europe and the Americas is closing. The whole world is moving to mobile, and FLK is here to serve that evolution with passionate staff, creative ideas and top-tier technology.