Company History & Vision

At the Hub of People and Machine

We take the view that the 21st Century is leading to a world where everyone – and everything they do – will be connected through a single converged network. Our goal is to be at the hub of that convergence by providing technologies that support communications for telecom, finance, broadcasting, entertainment, and media of all kinds. We offer products and services that are effective, fun and productive – making the world more connected and more convenient, whether you are using our technologies for business or personal lifestyle.

In order to achieve our goals, we focus Research & Development on cloud computing and mobile virtualization and beyond. The barriers between “screens” are coming down as open access to cloud-based content, applications and servers becomes more readily available and convenient to use. Today, FLK operates technology that supports wired/wireless convergence, communication-broadcasting solutions and mobile applications and services.

At FLK, we believe that a large part of our success comes through cultivation of global leaders and an innovative staff who work together with respect for each other and our customers. We maintain an active R&D strategy and a sharp focus on the future of rapidly shifting technologies and world culture. We strive to be a global enterprise that earns the confidence of our customers, employees and shareholders with reliable and forward-thinking business solutions and lifestyle technologies.