Advanced Messaging

Advanced Messaging

FLK Advanced Messaging services help you manage and deliver the latest messaging services. Our proven services are backed by more than twelve years of experience in delivering high-quality customized messaging platforms to some of the world’s largest providers. Each of our Advanced Messaging services is proven in reliability, scalability, and compliance with industry standards. The following Advanced Messaging services are available as a complete system in tandem with our basic mobile messaging services, or as individual solutions.


More and more, mobile customers are going far beyond text messaging and voice calls to communicate with their mobile devices. The FLK Rich Communication Suite (RCS), an integrated and unified messaging platform, allows you to meet the growing customer demand for chat, live video, file sharing and IM. The FLK RCS enables multiple messaging options with any contact in your customers’ address books. Offer your customers more value-added services and ensure that their positive experience encourages use. Unlike many services available now, FLK is not limited by the communication environment of the sender or recipient but can be used on most mobile devices in most network environments.

How it Works

The FLK RCS platform is a messaging framework that delivers a great user experience by providing various messaging delivery methods such as message delivery (store & forward), immediate delivery, and session-based messaging among others. The platform integrates the existing functionality of a messaging-based service with the new functions of SIP based-communication.

FLK RCS provides a flexible integration structure with service enablers such as presence and XDM. The Suite offers basic functions such as one-to-one and one-to-many messaging as well as newer communications services by interworking with service applications inside and outside of the other users’ network.


Features & Benefits

  • Ensures a great customer experience and enables delivery of more value added services
  • Not constrained by the communication environment of the sender or recipient
  • Flexible to support a wide variety of interfaces and messaging types
  • Offers robust message/media storing (Network Based Storage)
  • Provides user preference information and manages unified, integrated phonebook


While digital communications quickly advance, SMS is holding steady as a favorite communications mode for many, especially the youngest generations. The challenges to the smooth delivery and receipt of messages can come when different platforms, protocols, and network technologies try to talk to each other. FLK has solved this issue with its MSG-AS service for seamless messaging. FLK has rich commercial experience in MSG-AS implementation and deployment, as well as successfully interworking with diverse legacy services, systems, and IP network infrastructures. With MSG-AS, FLK delivers a flexible, reliable service that simplifies delivery of SMS with IP core-networks such as IMS.

How it Works

Without requiring additional systems, the FLK MSG-AS solution supports 2G, 3G, and 4G SMS services by embedding 2G/3G SMSC and IP-SM-GW into the service. The MSG-AS has a flexible architecture based on reliable and extensible stack technology and also offers routing policy management according to network status.

  • To support 1x environment, MSG-AS provides message submission through the SMDPP MAP Data
  • To support IMS environment, MSG-AS provides message submission through SIP protocol
  • In the case of abnormal 4G network activity, the MSG-AS service will route SMS to another network based on a subscriber’s profile. The solution’s efficient structure provides messaging services through both circuit-switching (CS) networks and IMS networks. It also has DBMS, scheduling, service interface, and a statistics reporting module to monitor and manage internal processes.


    Features & Benefits

    • Offers flexible architecture based on reliable and extensible stack technology
    • Enables direct interface with 2G and other legacy networks
    • Enables seamless SMS according to various mobile network environments such as 2G, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE, etc.
    • Supports SIGTRAN interface for 2G handsets, SIP interface for 4G handsets, ESME interface for CP interwork, and diameter interface for IMS core systems
    • Meets the requirement of 3GPP/OMA/IETF standards


    As mobile devices become the primary source of communication, the ability to reliably connect over a variety of networks, platforms and standards continues to grow. Our Inter-Working Function (IWF) Service provides interoperability for messages delivered through different types of networks (2G, 3G, LTE, RCS) or between international and domestic users. The service incorporates IWF functionality and supports RCS integration functionality and resolves any message length issues that arise. The FLK IWF Service touts a delivery success rate of 99.999% which ensures that your customers will have a superior, reliable experience with your service, thereby increasing use of value-added messaging services.

    How it Works

    Our Inter-Working Function service includes functional support for process management, service processes, statistics, database, operational support, SMS transfer, MMS transfer, and RCS interface.

    Our IWF Service manages the interoperability of messages across networks types such as 2G, 3G, LTE, and RCS. With the FLK IWF solution you will provide your customers with interworking between CPM environments and non-CPM communication services, as well as with SMS, MMS, e-mail, and RCS.

    FLK IWF Service

    Features & Benefits

    • Provides interoperability for messages delivered through different types of networks
    • Meets the requirements of 3GPP/OMA/IETF standards
    • Follows RFC standards such as XMPP for service expandability
    • Message transmission success rate of 99.999%
    • Guarantee successful message delivery through retransmission
    • Prevents retry infinite loop through Router Timer

    IP Push

    The FLK IP-Push messaging service for iOS and Android is a robust mobile application that delivers push messages based on your customers’ preferences. People are relying on their mobile devices to get the latest information whether that be news, weather, sports scores, or even social network and game alerts. With our IP-Push service, you can create and maintain engagement by delivering relevant information such as breaking news, stock quotes, or game challenges. It enables sending messages in a broadcast mode, segmenting groups by defined criteria, or sending personal messages to individuals.

    How it Works

    Like all of the FLK messaging services, our IP-Push Messaging service is backed by a dozen years of experience in messaging technology. Our IP-Push solution guarantees message transmission order and will send and resend a message until is successfully received by managing receiving policies. Our monitoring and reporting functions help to prevent message loss while recording the sent/received history and measuring campaign effectiveness. The service supports sending and receiving bulk messages including for multimedia messaging.

    FLK IP-Push Messaging

    Features & Benefits

    • Low cost for pushing the messages
    • Integrate with existing services through Open API and SDK
    • Guaranteed transmission success rates
    • Suitable for mission-critical messaging and alerts
    • Message management and security
    • Bulk message and multimedia support
    • Usability management and campaign reporting

    IP MSG Gateway

    The FLK Messaging Gateways ensure that any message type – text, data, music – will be delivered in the quickest time with the highest quality available. Our IP Messaging Gateways resolve issues that arise due to disparate network environments and among international service providers. We are able to implement the service quickly as your messaging solution. Our experienced teams will set up a comprehensive solution that meets both industry standard requirements and custom service requests.

    How it Works

    The IP-SM and IP-LM Gateways integrate with your system to manage any issues that come up when messages are delivered through different networks such as 2G, 3G, LTE and RCS. Our IP Messaging Gateways also address problems that arise between international and domestic users. Our highly experienced development team can build a message system in a variety of environments including MMS, UMS, 2G/3G, and IMS. Our IP Messaging Gateways are highly scalable and customizable to address high volume and special requirements.

    FLK IP Messaging Gateways

    Features & Benefits

    • IP-SM-GW and IP-LM-GW handle message length problems for 2G, 3G, LTE, RCS or between international and domestic users
    • Covers international standards such as MMS and UMS, as well as 2G/3G and IMS environments
    • IP-MM-GW manages multi-message services (MMS) in any IP network
    • All gateways are scalable and flexible for integration with various systems and web services