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Big Data Platform

Big Data is a hot topic across many industries today. It refers to any data that is too large, complex, or dynamic for traditional systems to handle. A recent statistic shows that it would take five years to go through all the data downloaded from the Internet every minute. It is no wonder that companies are seeking expertise to help capture, manage, process, and act on big data.

FLK helps companies apply big data and analytics to their operations. Retailers use data to better analyze inventories and prices. The data helps them stock their shelves with products that sell well for the right price while removing poor sellers. Telecom companies use big data to monitor network patterns and plan for usage expansions or cut backs. For customers, mobile operators use big data to deliver more personalized service and more targeted offers.

There is tight competition among the IT industry to develop strategies and solutions that put big data to work. Because this area of business is so new, many solutions and providers are unproven in the market. At FLK, we want to help guide your process of incorporating Big Data into your business objectives. Our Big Data Platform Management solution will help you gather, analyze, and synthesize your data solutions using the best solutions available. Our platform helps manage implementation as well as providing intuitive monitoring and management to ensure success.

How it Works

  1. Installation and Configuration: The platform includes packages of pre-selected Big Data solutions which will store, search, and analyze huge amounts of data. The administrator can install and setup the featured solutions very easily and conveniently using FLK technology.
  2. Monitoring and Management: The FLK platform provides a web-based graphical User Interface for administrators to easily monitor status of the platform’s resources and manage ongoing processing jobs.
  3. Job Management: The FLK Big Data platform supports total job management (ETL, MapReduce, Hive, Pig) through Web interface. The support administrator mode allows setting user authority and the search features search all-action history with ID and node search.

FLK Big Data Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Configuration
    • – Select/use appropriate software per requirements (save, process, search, ESP)
    • – Software configuration according to hardware scale
    • – Set environment to meet the requirements
    • – Variety of noSOL selection/installation
  • Integrated Monitoring
    • – CPU, memory, HDD, network usage flow
    • – Search status of each node
    • – Search software daemon status
    • – Simple Web UI
  • Cluster Scaling
    • – Cluster Scale In/Out through Web UI
    • – Easy environment setup for the state of scaling
    • – Auto reflection of monitoring/management history for the state of scaling
    • – Deployment feature through status search
    • – Relocation of software
    • – Select several clusters