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Digital Commerce

In this new age of digital technology the question for new products and services is often how do we monetize it? FLK has solved this question with two managed services that help you enable m-commerce, e-commerce, and mobile advertising while ensuring easy transactions for your customers. The following FLK Digital Commerce services are available as managed services that can be customized to fit your digital commerce goals.

Open Market Platform

Many of the greatest cities in the world began as a simple marketplace. The need to buy and sell goods is a basic part of any community and the online world is no different. iTunes and are two of the most famous examples of an online marketplace but there are thousands of storefronts across the web and the revenues for online and mobile commerce grow each year.

For companies seeking to operate their own marketplace, the start-up costs and complications can be daunting. FLK manages our Open Market Platform for some of the largest online and mobile markets in Asia, providing a superior solution with the complex functionality and management that supports a large online marketplace. By working with FLK, you can open an online market quickly with a superior, proven service. FLK’s proven technology and managed service model take on the work and help you capitalize on the booming online and mobile commerce market.

How it Works

The FLK Open Market Platform is an end-to-end managed service that allows businesses to list and sell their products within a fully functional online site. The platform includes management of multiple users, sellers, and inventory while supporting various customer device types including Web, smart phone, and smart pad. FLK supports online and mobile browsing, shopping, and purchasing and handles all management and transactional capabilities of the marketplace. The FLK Platform also handles the processing of monetary transactions such as payment, settlement, and reporting to ensure that the entire process – from posting content to shopping to buying – is enjoyable and easy.

FLK Open Market Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Open an online and mobile market quickly with a superior, proven service
  • Full optimization for mobile-centric environments
  • Manage posting, updates and promotion of inventory content
  • Process transactions including payment, settlement, and reporting
  • Interface management: interworking for device client, service provider/content provider, update server, call center
  • Client device and user interface management, service provider/content provider, and application management
  • Statistics reporting
  • Intuitive administration tools

Mobile Coupon

Use your knowledge of your customer base to deliver offers that are relevant, timely and in context. With FLK Mobile Coupon, your partners can offer consumers mobile offers for discounts, gift certificates, sales vouchers, or tickets to events. Coupons are created online from the FLK Mobile Coupon dashboard where there are hundreds of customizable templates to choose from. The templates allow users to design the coupons with their own brand and promotional messages. The FLK Mobile Coupon service is an easy way for operators to add mobile marketing to their promotional mix without developer costs or sharing revenue with third-party businesses. Mobile coupons can be used for many types of promotions, both for loyal customers to encourage and reward repeat business and to attract new customers or potential customers.

How it Works

1. A company or merchant visits the FLK Mobile Coupon dashboard to select an MMS coupon template from the catalog of well-designed options.

2. Coupons are customizable for offer, logo and branding so the coupon goes to customers with a consistent company voice and style. Merchants also have the option of sending a coupon offer via text or SMS email link.

3. Subscribers sign up with their mobile operator or FLK Mobile Coupon to receive offers for certain types of merchants.

4. During a promotion, they will receive the coupon directly to their device via MMS, SMS, or email link.

5. The recipient simply opens the message and then saves the coupon.

6. Upon saving the coupon, the recipient’s demographic information can be gathered.

7. Once at the store, customer uses the promotion code to redeem the coupon (via bar code, QR code or secret code).

FLK Mobile Coupon

Features & Benefits

  • Merchants can quickly add mobile marketing to their marketing mix without any development or hardware costs
  • Intuitive Dashboard UI to customize coupon design and easily test different offers
  • Integrate coupon campaigns with social networking efforts, loyalty programs, advertising campaigns, local events, big sales, and holidays
  • Extend ad campaigns or promotions with mobile coupon incentives