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M2M Services

Automation is a great solution for productivity and many of our daily tasks. FLK offers solutions that make the most of technology to provide control and insight into crucial areas of business and personal life. Our solutions range from energy monitoring and device protection to creating a better shopping experience. The following FLK M2M services are available as managed services that can be customized to fit you and your customers’ business and lifestyle objectives.

BEM System

img_BEMS2_Kr-plugMobile technology and automation are expanding into many areas of life. FLK has developed a comprehensive system that gives you easy control and analysis of your energy usage. The FLK Total Operation Center for Building Energy Management centralizes the monitoring and management of your entire energy system — providing a single point of control for all of your buildings. Energy is a huge cost to companies with large facilities, the FLK System will give you the ability to study usage and then make changes that will bring about real costs savings and efficiency across your company.

How it Works

The FLK Total Operation Center for Building Energy Management analyzes energy usage and equipment operation data collected from inside and outside of your building(s) in real time. The system enables monitoring, managing, and maximizing energy use or energy loss for your entire operation. The FLK TOC provides a single point of control for all of your buildings and gives you an easier way to save energy costs and use less energy – or use it more wisely.

FLK Building Energy Management System

Features & Benefits

  • User-focused Multi-Dimensional Analysis Tool enables users to add management indexes for single or multiple facilities. The system provides a centralized, multi-dimensional view to manage automated energy analysis and savings.
  • An optimal Energy Control Management (ECM) feature supports analysis of energy use patterns, facility performance, and control functions geared to various internal and external environments. The ECM also enables setting target reduction values to help control costs and indentify inefficient usage patterns.
  • Supports scaling and adjustments for changes in the environment, weather, and variable demands for energy. As your needs for energy or savings change, the FLK BEMS can be modified so the system helps you meet defined requirements.

NFC Service

marketbasketAs a mobile service provider, you have the chance to improve the off-line marketplace shopping experience for market vendors and their shoppers. A traditional marketplace does not have standard signs and window fronts. By supplying Near-Field Communications (NFC) Services – shoppers can find what they are looking for faster and with more information. The FLK NFC-based marketplace guides will ease the confusion and time-consuming searching of the traditional marketplace by providing information on shops, stalls, parking, products, and public transportation using available NFC, access router (AR), and multi-access portal (MAP). The service even displays events, promotions and discounts to encourage purchases.

How it Works

Before we move on to its applications, let’s take a look at the basic functions of near-field communications or NFC. You simply put the back of an NFC-enabled device against either the back of another NFC-enabled device or an NFC-supported card. The NFC-enabled device automatically recognizes the signal and will show a prompt on screen to read or write information to the device. It’s similar to reading a barcode or QR Code – it’s really that easy.

FLK NFC Service

Features & Benefits

Deliver marketplace information using NFC

  • Install NFC tag in market area (guide map, sign, parking location and etc.)
  • Include information on stores, products, facilities, and public transportation
  • Displays intuitive, informational guide map
  • Use social networks to share information among visitors and about marketplace shops

  • Register information in visitor’s social network
  • Supports personal market accounts to friend and follow
  • Promote stores and products to registered shoppers when they are nearby

  • Supports easy content management entry and display of information about stores, products, and special events, promotions, and discounts

  • Smart Device Platform

    Mobile devices are getting more and more complicated and capable. It’s a challenge for any company to manage the mobile devices of its employees while maintaining security policies and productivity standards. FLK Smart Device Management Platform allows you to approve, manage, update or wipe firmware and software for you employees’ smart phones and smart pads from a centralized command center. Our efficient Terminal-Software management service operates through a centralized server that helps you consolidate, update, and protect your managed devices.

    How it Works

    An efficient centralized server means that you can manage multiple devices from one location using terminal-software management. Users can connect to the server functionality through wi-fi or cellular networks. Services include device registration, firmware and software updates, data lock or wipe, and data back-up and restore. You can manage a single device for a frustrated traveling executive or manage a software update across a fleet of devices – all through the FLK Smart Device Management Platform.

    FLK Smart Device Management Platform

    Features & Benefits

    User Management

  • Personal information: user name, department, position, phone number, software list
  • Software Management

  • Department information: department, group, position, device
  • Device Management

  • Usage status: call volume, data, SMS, recent usage status
  • Lost & Found: lost device cancellation, remote process, lock & wipe
  • Software Management

  • Distribution management: distribution list with title, version, file; distribution register with select file, select target, and installation option; distribution history with terminal, distribution time, and success or failure
  • Program Management: program with name, version, display risk rate; process with monitor information while processing, kill, risk
  • Security Policy Management

  • Policy Management: media management of external memory, camera, WiFi; N/W management of harmful websites and port blocks
  • Log Management includes current statistics for management notification setup, log collection target; forensic setup for agent rule, remote control notification