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Media & Entertainment

Founded in South Korea over dozen years ago, FLK has always been on the cutting edge of mobile communications services. Our record of bold innovation and proven technology solutions can benefit mobile service providers as they stretch their service portfolios to include new services like AR, mobile ads, music discovery, and gaming. The sky’s the limit with FLK on your side.

SuperView AR

FLK SuperView Augmented Reality (AR) service offers proven technology for high-quality object recognition and augmented reality. Whether it’s product packaging, a city block, a statue, or storefront, FLK’s (patent pending ) object-recognition technology, can enhance your interaction with customers. Much of the current object-recognition technology only focuses on rigid items like books and boxes — but we know that not everything comes in a rigid package. FLK SuperView is able to recognize non-rigid items so that your customers will have the key to open information about almost anything in their view.

With SuperView, only the imagination is the limit. Whether it’s getting product information, or walking through airport terminals, taking in a historical downtown, or navigating an amusement park, SuperView will enhance the experience with instant, relevant information.

How it Works

1. Integrate AR into your existing map, local search, product search, business directories, or other custom solution.

2. Our SDK and API set enable you to integrate FLK SuperView into your application as an added feature or enhancement. (Or let us help you create an application with AR from the ground up.)

3. For images, landmarks, products, and things that are unique to your business and your surroundings, you can add custom objects to the database.

4. Simply by pointing their camera, customers can get answers to an assortment of questions: What’s that? How much does it cost? What’s nearby? Where can I eat? How do I find the closest…?

Features & Benefits

Using their mobile device’s camera, your customers can identify a wide range of objects including consumer products, artwork, books, cars, etc. Optionally, the camera image can be coupled with user location, so SuperView can illuminate points of interest, houses for sale, landmarks, and nearby stores that are within or just out of view.

  • Instantly provides accurate Web results from camera image
  • Works for both rigid items like a book, and non-rigid items like a bag of snacks
  • Recognizes object even with shifts in scale, rotation or perspective
  • Quickly delivers accurate, consistent results

Music Discovery

Today, music is everywhere. We have all had the experience of hearing a song on TV, in a café, or on the radio but not knowing its name or who the artist is. FLK Music Discovery lets your customers use their smart phone to discover the song title and artist of any piece of music they hear. Using lightening fast digital technology, our music search server will match the ambient sound to a massive library of music and deliver the artist and song title to the listener in seconds.

How it Works

1. The customer holds the mobile device in the air or near a speaker to capture the sound of the music.

2. The FLK Music Discovery server then matches the unique tonal and sonic qualities of the song with an index of millions of songs.

3. Within seconds, the song’s artist and title are returned to the customer on their screen.

4. Customers may then purchase the song or do further research on the artist using the mobile web or other entertainment apps on their device.

FLK Music Discovery

Features & Benefits

There are three main steps to the Music Discovery process – extraction, search, and delivery – each features robust, proven technology and excellent service delivery:

  1. Extraction – Information extraction saves the unique characteristics of the sound source by applying the Top-t Wavelets method for a spectral image which is recorded through the device in 32 binary arrays.
  2. Search – The sound-feature information search locates the most similar sound qualities among the song and matches in the index.
  3. Delivery –FLK Music Discovery analyzes and determines the correct matching sound and delivers the results in seconds to the customer’s mobile device.


Mobile advertising is growing in global revenues by huge numbers each year, but many marketers are still not sure how to deliver the best message on a mobile device. Do they copy web banner advertising, try video ads, send personalized SMS? With FLK AdAlive it’s up to you. You can deliver a variety of compelling, interactive ad messages to your customers’ smart phones and tablets using all of the incredible features available with today’s mobile technology. It’s time to take mobile marketing to the next level – FLK AdAlive will bring your advertising campaign to life.

How it Works

The FLK AdAlive platform enables advertisers to register and publish content for delivery over your mobile network. The platform processes the ad approvals and an ad schedule so you always control the ad content and delivery to your customers. The AdALive platform also measures each ad’s effectiveness in real time so you can advise advertisers about which ads deliver the best results.

FLK AdAlive Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for Mobile – make the most of each device’s features whether iOS, Android, or Windows on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Multimedia Delivery – Schedule and deliver ads simultaneously across multiple platforms with one piece of content. Standardization of HTML5-based content.
  • Real-time Reporting – AdAlive inter-works with the advertisers’ systems to report on ad effectiveness and user interaction in real time.
  • Maximized Mobile – enables flexible media, real-time measurement, and multiple delivery formats to determine the most effective ad possible.

SNS Game Platform

Since the first app, playing games has been one of the top uses for smart phones and tablets. Now, you can help your customers find their social network connections using the FLK Social Network Game Platform. Make it easy for your customers to find other players and promote games; encourage more game play and purchase by having your customers and their friends stay connected and engaged. The FLK platform enables searching and finding friends, ranking, promotions, and even giving incentives for recommendations.

How it Works

The FLK Social Network Game Platform makes finding friends to play with easier than ever. Your customers register for the gaming community, find their friends across social networks and then start playing! The benefits of the platform are increasing peer-to-peer promotion of games and creating richer engagement with the device and its games – with growing revenue as a result.

FLK Social Network Game Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Search/Add Friends – find friends through the customer’s address book and/or through their social network connections on SNS like Facebook and Twitter
  • Ranking – make games more competitive and fun with ranking among friends and messaging between friends
  • Game Promotion – supports peer-to-peer promotion and recommendations for interactive games among friends
  • Incentives – reward players who recommend games and bring new paying players into the network, provide gifts to those who recommend and to those who sign up and play new games

VocalPost SNS

FLK VocalPost mobile service application is your microphone to the world, a voice calling out across the landscape of social networks. Faster than typing, more expressive than text. It’s easy to create a VocalPost to update Facebook® and Twitter®. Just use your mobile phone to record an audio update. Playback, review and re-record as much as you’d like. When it sounds good, add an optional caption to your VocalPost, and then post it with a touch of a button. The service auto-generates a tiny URL that appears on your Facebook page, or within the body of your tweet.

FLK VocalPost is great for social occasions, capturing the sounds of a wild party or street festival, the exuberance of the moment, the laughter and voices of those around you. In fact, we’ve heard a number of posts we’d never thought of… take a listen to what folks from around the world are recording and posting using VocalPost!! (Link and press play like any audio player.)

How it Works

1. No need for a new FLK VocalPost account, just use your Facebook or Twitter account for registration.

2. Record your own audio message up to 30 seconds long. Review your message using VocalPost message player before posting it.

3. The optional caption is 100 characters long and will be posted on your page with your VocalPost audio message.

4. Select optional geo-location information to post your VocalPost message.

5. Manage your VocalPost message history and easy-to-use message player on your mobile.

FLK VocalPost App
Download it yourself and give it a try!

Features & Benefits

  • Post to Facebook & Twitter at once
  • Faster than typing
  • All the expression of audio and voice
  • Captures and shares the audio moment
  • Use while driving, walking and moving
  • Instantly record and share