FLK MediaSpeed™ Maximize your mobile network for great data delivery

FLK MediaSpeed™

FLK MediaSpeed™ is ideal for any enterprise or network operator that supports mobile devices accessing data. Whether it’s employees accessing training or product videos, airlines or banks providing services to mobile customers, or mobile operators with millions of subscribers watching videos, FLK MediaSpeed can improve user satisfaction while enhancing the bottom line. FLK MediaSpeed increases scalability, reduces latency, and improves throughput by making the most effective use of available bandwidth.

As the consumption of rich content on mobile devices continues to increase worldwide, the strain on wireless networks is beginning to show. FLK, a leader in mobile telecoms, has already deployed solutions in Asian markets where mobile penetration, data and content consumption has led most of the world. FLK MediaSpeed will give your subscribers a better mobile data experience by maximizing throughput whether your challenges are the limitations of the network bandwidth, data center capacity, or connectivity to the internet.