FLK OmniSend™ Make sure your customers get the message, whether text, multimedia, voice or video

FLK OmniSend™

FLK OmniSend™ Messaging System is a comprehensive system with market-proven technologies to manage the full range of today’s mobile messaging: text, multimedia, voice and video. Each of the FLK OmniSend messaging services is highly reliable and proven with over ten years of use with high-volume operators throughout Asia. As a pioneer in messaging services, both our technology and our staff are proven in supporting your messaging needs – both basic, like the SMSC/MMSC and their Gateways, to the more complex like our Voice & Video SMS. We employ the latest Store & Forward methods along with Push technologies to ensure that your customers’ messages are delivered with the highest quality available in the quickest time possible.

  • FLK OmniSend SMS C/G (Short Message Service Center/Gateway) Our SMSC enables sending and receiving of text messages in the most reliable manner so your customers can always rely on their message getting through. Similarly, our SMS Gateway ensures the reliable delivery of SMS content to mobile customers across multiple digital platforms. FLK OmniSend SMS C/G provides mobile carriers with highly flexible building blocks for their inside architecture to enable various types of SMS-based, value-added services. FLK OmniSend supports services such as mobile financing and information queries among others through efficient text message interactions.

  • FLK OmniSend MMS C/G (Multimedia Message Service Center/Gateway) With our MMSC, your customers can confidently send and receive many types of multimedia messages, including email, wherever they are. Our MMS Gateway is also extremely reliable and efficient, ensuring that your customers’ multimedia messages are smoothly transmitted across mobile networks and the Internet. FLK OmniSend MMS C/G provides mobile operators with highly flexible building blocks for their internal architecture to enable various types of MMS-based, value-added services, such as photo or music sharing with popular Web services, mobile business card delivery, using efficient text messaging interactions.

  • FLK OmniSend Voice & Video SMS With our Voice & Video SMS service, your customers can send voice or video messages just like they would send an SMS using their phone. The service is as easy as voice or video mail services and delivers high quality and reliability. Voice message push-delivery service with Voice SMS can be used in any mobile voice network, and video message push-delivery service with Video SMS can be used in 3G video-capable network environments.