FLK ScreenShifter™ Take 3 screens to the Cloud for a singular Smart TV experience

FLK ScreenShifter™

FLK ScreenShifter shrinks the gap between PC and TV performance by replacing a hard drive with FLK ScreenShifter servers, the PC monitor with TV screens, and remote/gaming controllers with a mobile phone. With this n Screen service, you can offer consumers a multi screen smart TV experience without hardware and complexity. All processing runs in the cloud on FLK ScreenShifter servers where FLK processes, manages and delivers high-quality video, audio, gaming, images and Web content to the TV.

No hardware is required, consumers with an Internet-connected digital TV or set-top box simply subscribe to your smart TV service and download apps to their smart phone (if they want remote/game control via their smart phone). This n Screen service truly cuts down the barrier between TV, PC and mobile screens while giving your customers the ultimate multimedia experience. With FLK ScreenShifter, your customers can have the ultimate experience of playing process-heavy PC games in real time on their big screen TV using their iPhone or Android to control the game. We’ve taken three screens to the cloud to deliver a singular experience.