Smart Learning Solution

Smart Learning Solution

The digital world is breaking down all kinds of barriers. Remote learning or long-distance learning is growing rapidly as people find it convenient to study with expert teachers from around the world. Students from different parts of the world can participate together in an online “classroom” and teachers can work one-on-one with students thousands of miles away. The FLK Smart Learning solution is a comprehensive mobile platform that supports smart device applications for today’s online student body. With FLK Smart Learning you can support education content delivered as recorded content or as a live remote video with two-way interaction. With FLK, you can offer educators a complete solution for expanding their student base while still providing a rich educational experience.

How it Works

The FLK Smart Learning solution takes care of the entire e-learning process from content management to student registration through real-time video instruction and reporting. Our platform supports online Learning Management System to handle static content as well as real-time lectures and student-teacher interaction. FLK Smart Learning provides the learning management tools such as LMS and LCMS which enable the multi-user environment where learning developers may create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver digital learning content from a central object repository.

FLK Smart Learning Solutions

Features & Benefits

For Students:

  • Learn anywhere, anytime on any smart device with an Internet connection
  • Real-time, interactive video learning between teacher and a student
  • Learning management tools including memo, repeated learning, bookmarks, checking and correcting work, incorrect notes, schedules, Q&A, communication boards, my menu, etc.

For Teachers and Content Providers:

  • Teach anywhere, anytime on any smart device with an Internet connection
  • Real-time, interactive video lectures
  • Smart management for students including schedules, Q&A, checking and correcting work, alerts on students’ progress for teacher, parents, etc.
  • Opportunities to expand reach and teach more students, earn extra revenue
  • Create or expand channels for content, lecture and class material sales to increase revenue

For Administrators:

  • Earn revenue from the stakeholders: students, contents providers, teachers
  • Control learning management tools such as LMS, LCMS, and Viewer to create, store, reuse, manage, deliver and use digital learning content
  • Develop comprehensive online education ecosystem without the off-site costs
  • Supports LCMS, LMS Education Platforms, and Content Authoring Tools for Smart Learning