FLK SuperView™ Share a world of information at the end of the lens

FLK SuperView™

FLK SuperView™ offers proven technology for high-quality object recognition and augmented reality (AR). Whether it’s product packaging, a city block, a statue, or storefront, FLK’s (patent pending ) object-recognition technology, can enhance your interaction with customers. Much of the current object-recognition technology only focuses on rigid items like books and boxes — but we know that not everything comes in a rigid package. FLK SuperView is able to recognize non-rigid items so that your customers will have the key to open information about almost anything in their view.

Using their mobile device’s camera, your customers can identify a wide range of objects including consumer products, artwork, books, cars, etc. Optionally, the camera image can be coupled with user location, so FLK SuperView can illuminate points of interest, houses for sale, landmarks, and nearby stores that are within or just out of view.

With FLK SuperView, the imagination is the limit. Whether it’s getting product information, or walking through airport terminals, taking in a historical downtown, or navigating an amusement park, FLK SuperView will enhance the experience with instant, relevant information.