FLK VocalPost™ Add your real voice to your mobile, social networks

FLK VocalPost™

FLK VocalPost™ mobile service application is your microphone to the world, a voice calling out across the landscape of social networks. Faster than typing, more expressive than text. It’s easy to create a VocalPost to update Facebook® and Twitter®. Just use your mobile phone to record an audio update. Playback, review and re-record as much as you’d like. When it sounds good, add an optional caption to your VocalPost, and then post it with a touch of a button. The service auto-generates a tiny URL that appears on your Facebook page, or within the body of your tweet. Download it yourself and give it a try! FLK VocalPost is great for social occasions, capturing the sounds of a wild party or street festival, the exuberance of the moment, the laughter and voices of those around you. In fact, we’ve heard a number of posts we’d never thought of… take a listen to what folks from around the world are recording and posting using VocalPost!! (Link and press play like any audio player.)